Five Advantages Millennials Have In Business

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Millennials are changing the dynamic of contemporary business and here are a few distinct advantages they bring to the workforce.


Things to Consider When Fostering an Animal


If you are an animal lover, fostering a dog or cat is one of the many ways you can help the overcrowded animal shelters and rescues in your area. Here are a few things to consider when fostering an animal.

Visit The Shelter Or Rescue Near You

You can use sites like if you have a favorite breed in mind. Depending on your geographic region, you can find organizations that focus on specific breeds, puppy fostering and adoption, senior and special needs dogs. When you find one that interests you, contact them for an application and review it carefully to better understand who is responsible for the food, crate and vet bills. Some organizations have more resources than others.

If You Already Have A Pet

If you have a pet now, you want to make sure your foster is going to be compatible with your cat or dog. Ask the shelter or rescue if the foster is good with other animals. If you have a small dog or cat, you want to take into consideration how a larger breed will get along with your pet. If your pet is a senior, you don’t want to create a stressful environment for them.

Knowing Your Limits

Before you consider fostering an animal you should check to see if your homeowners insurance policy or apartment complex has any breed restrictions. You also want to be conscious of the space in your home. If you are considering an active dog or bigger breed, you will want to make sure you have the space to support them and you also have to be willing to be active enough to take your pet outside for walks regularly, maybe 2-3 times per day.

These are just a few things to consider when fostering a pet. You can find more useful information like this at Good luck and happy fostering!

Fostering Shelter Animals


My name is Anthony Requia and this is my first blog post. This blog is really inspired by wife and the work she does fostering and networking shelter animals in Los Angeles. As someone who grew up with animals in my home my entire life, I was only recently introduced to how the animal shelter and fostering system works.

At first I was skeptical because I was worried about these “stray” animals getting our dogs sick or becoming sick and dying on our watch. What I have come to learn is that this is an incredibly important cause and a rewarding experience for those involved.

For any family that is thinking about getting a cat or dog, fostering creates an excellent opportunity to see if the animal is the right fit for you and your family before making the permanent commitment. My wife and I started by fostering kittens because they are easy to care for and, well…. who doesn’t like kittens? In addition to the fun we have caring for these little guys and keeping them healthy before they hit the 8 week mark and can be adopted, one of our dogs, Rocco, really enjoys helping out and taking on a father role to these little guys. He is so happy when his new roommates arrive.

Regardless of what city you live in, your local animal shelter is probably overcrowded and the reality is that if these animals don’t find a home, they are at risk of being put to sleep. If you’re thinking about getting a cat or dog, you should visit your local animal shelter or rescue and meet some of the animals there. There are so many animals from puppies and kittens, to senior animals with good temperaments that just might be the right fit for you. It could save you the money of purchasing an animal from a breeder but far more importantly than that, it will save a life.